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About jCasts

What is jCasts?

jCasts is a web application for discovering new podcasts and collecting your favorite podcasts and episodes.

Is jCasts free?

jCasts is free of charge. It's also free, open-source software!

Does jCasts store data about me?

jCasts keeps track of your podcast subscriptions, bookmarks and individual episodes you listen to. This data is not shared with any third party. If you delete your account, all this data is also permanently deleted. More detailed terms and conditions here.

Do I have to create an account to use jCasts?

You don't have to sign up to discover new podcasts and episodes and download content.

You'll have to register at jCasts to do all of these:

  • Play episodes in our custom Player
  • Bookmark episodes to listen to later
  • Add podcasts to your collection
  • Get new weekly recommendations
  • Keep track of episodes you have listened to
What if I want to download an episode to my device?

Click the download icon on the episode page to save the audio file to your device. You can then listen to the episode using any suitable audio player software. However if you download on your device, it won't be added to your play History.

How do I add podcasts to my collection?

Just click the Subscribe button on the podcast's About page to add the podcast to your collection.

How does jCasts recommend new podcasts to me?

We will send you an email with new recommendations every week. We recommend new podcasts using a machine-learning algorithm based on your collection and listening history.

How do I stop receiving email notifications?

Go to the Preferences section in the Settings area, uncheck the option Send email notifications and click the save button.

How do I remove an episode from my history?

Go to the episode page and click the trash icon to permanently remove the episode from your History.

Can I export my collection?

You can download your podcast feed collection in the Export section in the Settings area. You can export your feeds in OPML, JSON or CSV format.

How do I add podcasts to jCasts?

First try looking for the podcast in the Search box in the navigation bar. If you can't find what you are looking for, click the iTunes link in the search results page. Any new podcasts you find in iTunes will be automatically added to our database. We're also adding new podcasts every day!

How do I save an episode to listen to later?

Click the star icon in the episode page to add an episode to your Bookmarks. You can add episodes you want to listen to later, or favorites you want to listen to again.

How often are podcasts updated?

Popular podcasts are refreshed several times an hour and other podcasts every few hours. Podcasts which haven't submitted new content in a long time may be updated every few days.

Which browsers does jCasts support?

jCasts has been tested on Chrome and Firefox browsers on Windows, Linux and Android operating systems. It should work OK on other browsers and operating systems, but no guarantee. If you run into an issue in your particular device or browser please file a bug and provide as much detail as possible.

Help! I've found a bug. How do I report it?

Sorry! If you find a bug we would be very grateful if you report it here. You can also submit any ideas or suggestions you have!

I want to host an instance of jCasts myself. Is this possible?

Absolutely, this is an open source project that can be hosted on your own server. Please see the README for instructions on setting up and running an instance.

How do I delete my account?

Go to Delete Account section in the Settings area. If you delete your account, your collection, bookmarks and history will also be permanently deleted.

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