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The Man With No Face - A Witch Outside Who Was Watching Me - Paranormal Case Files

Deborah Hatswell. BBR Investigations. Cryptid Creatures, Beings and Unexplained Events

Season 2
35.7 MB

Having found the door locked I went round the front of the caravan where there was a big bay window. I pressed my face against the glass just to check that they definitely were not in. I couldn’t see them but I saw something strange. As I looked in through the window I saw it! I say it! as I don't really know how to describe it! It was standing next to the gas fire that we had on the right hand side of the caravan as I was looking in. It was the stereotypical looking ghost dog, it had a black/grey out line (if that makes sense to you) it was a small terrier type dog like a Yorkshire terrier. I locked eyes with it and we just seemed to stare at each other for what seemed like 5 minutes but in reality was probably only 5 seconds. What happened next was the weirdest part of all and it still haunts me to this day!

After the 5 seconds we locked eyes it was instantly at the window, it was right in my face barking at me aggressively. There were two things that scared me the most about all this was the ghost dog just appeared at the window. It didn't run or jump up, it just transported itself from the side of the fire to the window. It was there in my face as if by teleportation and to make things even stranger, it was barking in my face but there was no sound coming from it at all. The window was single pain glass so very thin glass , not sound proof at all.

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