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Free Agent Friday: NFC West

Dynasty Owner

Season 3
10.7 MB

Hello Dynasty Owners, and welcome to the off-season. Like last year, this year I will be reporting on notable offensive free agents. The method I use to judge which players I want to include is subjective, but I will do my best to bring you news on every free agent that I can. Additionally, I will be doing a little bit of a different format this year. Last year I used one week to talk about a single team. This was a useful plan, but it also had one major flaw. The flaw was that the teams I talked about earlier in the off-season didn’t get much, if any, attention after free agency. To remedy this, I will be writing about every team once before free agency and once after free agency.

I will be breaking all the free agents into divisions before free agency starts, and then I will be doing more of an individual article post-free agency. I still have to work out some of the details, but the main takeaway is that free agent talk is back! This is truly one of my favorite aspects of fantasy football to write about, and what better format to talk about it in than Dynasty Owner! Without further discussion, let’s talk about the first division…
What is Dynasty Owner?

Dynasty Owner is not your average fantasy football. You may have your DraftKings and Fanduels of the world but we are year-round and put you right in the seat of the Owner, Coach, and GM. Fantasy footballers all over have been wanting a game like this and you may have even heard our name from Christopher Harris or even the Dynasty Nerds podcast.

We use real NFL contracts and salaries in our game so when something changes here in the real world it affects your team for the year. With a challenge of the salary cap and keeping your team under it, you get the feeling of what it's like to run a business and see your team get rewarded when they win.

Learn more today at and come see what we are all about.
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