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Episode 142: WAKANDA REWORK, Best for Pocket Dimension, Red Star Trash, Tadano Mac Rewards and more

ValleyFlyin Smashin' Time

1h 4min
44.3 MB

It has been a week of ups and downs in Marvel Strike Force with talk of a Wakanda Rework and a bunch of Web Warrior Events lines up this week.
I discuss this as well as the rest of the news in Marvel Strike Force with Remanx including:

Mysterious Deleted Tweet 0:30
2021 Revisited 00:51
Red Star Trash 5:00
Elite Store Still Necessary 08:43
Ghost Spider Blitz Coming Back 13:44
Tower Mode fixes 19:52
Fresh Horizon too easy or just right? 22:29
Pocket Dimension Prep 24:24
Best 5 -w/o Omega Red 25:30
Will Spider Punk Event - same as usual or stingy? 32:47
Why lower shards this patch 35:29
T'Challa Release method 37:03
Wakanda Rework Confirmed? 40:56
Tadano Mac Reward announcement this week? 44:41
DD5 Progress Tracker 47:18
Doc Ock Returned - How Valuable? 47:56
Bonus Event Blog NEW format  50:44
Apocalypse Hype Level  51:59
Rumors Hype Level for Excalibur 53:59
West Coast Avengers Rumors - Who and Where? 57:06
New Tech Team Rumors 59:52
Final Thoughts 01:02:02

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