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The Doug Gottlieb Show


On the Friday edition of The Doug Gottlieb Show: Doug thinks the Bengals will beat the Raiders soundly in their first round playoff matchup this weekend, and explains what confident, culture and conditioning has to do with the prediction.

Reacting to Matthew Stafford's wife complaining about all of the 49ers fans that got into the Rams' final game Sunday, Doug thinks it's a bad look for Stafford and L.A. fans are a different kind of sports fan than they have in Detroit. Former NFL Receiver and NFL Analyst James Jones joins Doug to give his thoughts on the Rams as they head into the playoffs, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers chances this post-season and what playing in the playoffs is like.

Doug gives you the five teams you should bet on in the NFL this weekend.Hall of Famer Dan Marino's last game was in the divisional round of the 1999 playoffs, and in that game he struggled mightily and his Dolphins lost 62-7. Doug thinks Ben Roethlisberger is going to suffer a similar fate in his game against the Chiefs this weekend.

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