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Full House: S3E22: Three Men And Another Baby (Jesse and the Girls Series)

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Happy Full House Friday Everyone,

Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.

Today, I'm continuing the series Jesse and the Girls with Full House S3E22: Three Men and Another Baby, which aired on April 13, 1990.

In this episode Michelle is jealous when Danny agrees to babysit a neighbor's infant overnight; DJ's math homework stumps Joey.

My Thoughts On This Episode:

Danny agrees to babysit the neighbor's baby knowing full well he has to take Comet to obedience school then just figures the guys Jesse and and Joey will watch him.

So taking his dog to obedience school is more important to Danny than committing to watching your neighbor's child?

Speaking of Comet and obedience school, Danny also thinks after one lesson that Comet will be a new and improved trained dog.

I don't know any dogs that were perfectly trained after one lesson.

I can just picture Victoria Stillwell (Reality Dog Training TV Show, It's Me Or The Dog) pulling up to the Tanner home and going off on Danny for his nonsense when it comes to Comet, but maybe she even gets the kids involved in the training. That would be fun to watch.

They (and by they I mean Danny) should have prepared Michelle for Tony's arrival especially since he would be bunking in her room and using her old crib.

Now I don't think Michelle would have had a problem with Danny spending time with Tony because it's Uncle Jesse who gives all his attention to Michelle.

I think Michelle is acting no different that any child who has to share parents and attention with a new sibling.

Jesse thinks the way to reward Michelle for being a big girl (more like giving in to her being a brat) is to have DJ or Stephanie sacrifice one of their treasured childhood toys.

No surprise, Michelle picks Mr. Bear and renames his Willie.

Hmm? Willie Tanner, where have I heard that name before.

Oh yeah, now I remember, the TV Show ALF (1986).

I also love how DJ cons Joey into completing her math homework.

She also mentions while playing with baby Tony, "I always wanted a baby brother."

Relax Deej, you'll have three boys of your own soon enough.

I felt baby for baby Tony along with Michelle screaming at him from above his crib waking him up, the girls and Joey are putting their faces so close to his and rubbing his stomach like it's a magic lamp.

I'd freak out too, if I was him.

C'mon, personal space, please.

Join me next week for the next episode in the Jesse and the Girls Series, Full House S5E19: The Devil Made Me Do It, which aired on February 18, 1992.

In this episode when Michelle's disobedience lands her in the doghouse, the little bow-wow in her wants to bite back. Meanwhile, D.J. plays buffer between a bickering Stephanie and Kimmy.

I hope you enjoy this episode and have a great weekend!

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