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Weekly Wasan - Episode 36 - Kōsō Wasan (Hymns of the Pure Land Masters) Shan-tao 67-71

American Buddhist Study Center

10.4 MB

Hi Dharma friends!

Today we cover 5 more of Shinran Shonin's Wasan verses on Master Shan-tao (Zendo in Japanese). Shan-tao (613-681 CE) lived in China and is the Fifth of the Seven Masters, making up the Jōdo Shinshū lineage. We learned in the last episode that one of the most basic contributions of Shan-tao to Shinran's thought is how simply saying or vocalizing the Name of Amida Buddha is the only essential practice for Awakening or Enlightenment. In today's group of verses, Shan-tao teaches that we should focus exclusively on the Pure Land Way. The fundamental intent underneath all Śākyamuni Buddha's 84,000 dharma gates is that those who think on Amida Buddha will attain Awakening without fail.

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With palms together,  Gary

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