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This You Call Civilization? (Christianity: The Deadliest Poison and Zen: The Antidote to All Poisons - 04)

Never Born, Never Died

2h 16min
77.0 MB

Once, when Yakusan was reciting a sutra, a monk asked him: “You don’t  usually allow us to recite sutras. Why do you yourself recite a sutra?”
“I just want to entertain my eyes,” replied Yakusan.
The monk asked, “Can I also recite sutras like you?”
“If you want to recite sutras like me,” answered Yakusan, “you must pierce even through the hide of a cow.”
On another occasion, Yakusan was asked by governor Ri, “What are the precepts, meditation and wisdom?”
Yakusan answered, “This poor monk hasn’t such useless furniture.”
Ri said, “Don’t be so mysterious!”
Yakusan said, “If you want to have what I have, you must sit on the highest mountain, go down to the bottom of the deepest sea.”
“You don’t throw off your burdens even when you go to bed; you are busy with illusions.”

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