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The King’s Man review

The Countdown: Movie and TV Reviews

Episode 536
21.5 MB

The Kingsman?! You're not taking the Kingsman! (Bonus point for anyone who gets that deep-cut, completely inappropriate in 2022 reference.)

Yes, the boys this week go back to before it all began to review the prequel to the film that they covered in the very first episode of The Countdown. That film was Kingsman: The Secret Service. This film is The King's Man, with Matthew Vaughn back on co-writing and directing duties.

Sadly, the film just doesn't stack up to the fantastic original. Which begs the questions: Have the guys grown more cynical as they've aged along with the show? Or are prequels inherently inferior products? And, after hearing his score for this one, has Wayne finally assumed the Negatron mantle?

Learn the answers to some of these questions, as well as some dubious other stuff, as The Countdown continues ...

Time Stamps

The King's Man NON-SPOILER Review: 0:00 - 9:53

The King's Man SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 9:53 - 20:45

Final Thoughts Including Potential Spoilers: 20:45 - 22:04

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