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Ep 48 Is this the best meta ever?!

Mastering Runeterra

Episode 48
40.4 MB

The guys excitedly discuss the state of the ladder, tournament ladder, and how great everything feels right now. The many variants within variants for Ahri Kennen, and the other top decks in the healthiest meta ever!

We had some audio balancing issues this week, they will be remedied next recording.

0:00 Intro

0:43 Runeterra Is no longer dead; State of the Leaderboard and Meta

5:35 What Bae used on his insane multi-day grind

11:05 Go Hard Ahri vs Other Versions, and it's viability in a tournament lineup

19:50 "If seasonals were X days away..." Current thoughts on what the best lineup would be

23:25 "What the heck is Draven Rumble?"

24:45 Thoughts on the state of darkness; The most Flexible, techable control list?

33:33 Control's Rise on the ladder and the counter-rise of Scouts and Poros; the meta churns

38:39 Bae's read on the ladder, best meta, especially in high Masters

43:00 Outro and Plugs

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