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Fri 14 Jan: Back 'N Forth - On Fire - Known Plans - Truth Roars - Our KRAKEN - Seditious Play - Poo Fight

The Tore Says Show

Episode 265 Season 3
2h 9min

In the life and death information war, the time pendulum swings. Let's go back and see today's fight. The misinformation is necessary, some say on both sides. Three ops to save the country. Everyone wanted to be a hero. There are numerous states that want to decertify now. Enron is back, again. Our homework is done and here's a docu-teaser. Plane wrecks and suspects. If you're reading this then you know the KRAKEN. Why are the Dems so worried about Assange? NPR is the worst. The J6 desperate legal plays to protect insiders. For big pharma, the cured are lost customers. The rats are throwing crap at each other. Remember, no one can take away your freedom, it can only be surrendered. We are winners now, so stand up and show it.

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