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137. Are you running the right workouts? Speed vs. threshold


55.5Β MB

SHOULD YOU DO SPEED WORKOUTS OR THRESHOLD WORKOUTS? πŸ€” FREE 7 DAY RUN COACHING TRIAL AT WWW.RUN4PRS.COM . WHAT ARE SPEED WORKOUTS? πŸ‘‡ βœ… Β Speed workouts target your anaerobic cardiovascular system and your top end aerobic system. Speed workouts increase your strength, form and efficiency as a runner πŸ‘‰ EX: 6 x .5 mile @ interval pace, 10 x 45 seconds @ 1 mile/5k effort . WHAT ARE THRESHOLD WORKOUTS?πŸ‘‡ βœ… Β Train the aerobic cardiovascular & muscular system to utilize oxygen while simultaneously removing waste products such as carbon dioxide & lactic acid (imagine a bath running with the drain open. Running at lactate threshold tempo pace is the rate at which the waste removal and waste production is basically the exact same). These workouts help you run faster for longer! πŸ‘‰ EX: 6 miles at marathon effort, 3 x 1 mile @ threshold effortΒ  . WHAT WORKOUTS SHOULD YOU DO?πŸ‘‡ βœ… Β You should do BOTH, but... For half marathon and marathon training, there should be an emphasis on threshold workouts to target your aerobic system. The half marathon & marathon are 99% aerobic in nature, so you want to train the correct cardiovascular system. Speed workouts should still be incorporated so you can work on good form, efficiency and your top end speeds. However, speedwork is a big stress on your body and it's not as effective to improve your endurance event times . Do you need help doing the right training for YOUR goal race? We're here for you! Sign up for a seven day FREE trial with us AND/ORπŸ‘‡ Sign up for our FREE half marathon training program here: . Follow us for more training tips @run4prs

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