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FPP130 - Flight Surgeons

Fighter Pilot Podcast

Episode 130
1h 12min
66.3 MB

'Flight surgeon'—that must be a specially-trained medical doctor who performs surgery on a specially-adapted aircraft, right? Not exactly.

On this episode, U.S. Air Force Reserve lieutenant colonel Rocky "Apollo" Jedick joins us to explain what flight surgeons are, how they are trained, what they do, and who they serve (hint: it's not just pilots). Former episode 6 guest, now retired U.S. Navy Commander Sue "Cyclone" Jay returns to help explain how flight surgeons compare and contrast with aerospace operational physiologists. Check out Apollo's online aviation medical service at

Listener questions answered on this question include why Navy aircraft fly with their arresting hooks extended, what causes the distinct Hornet hum when an F/A-18 starts engines, how being a fighter pilot changes someone as a human, and how a young aspiring pilot should choose between serving in the U.S. Air Force or Navy.

Bumper music by Jaime Lopez / announcements by Clint Bell.

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