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Episode 5 - Taqueria Poblana

The Bryan Texas Taco Trail Podcast

Episode 5 Season 1
44.3 MB

At the corner of Broadmoor and Briarcrest you will find incredible food at Taqueria Poblana!

What's in the episode:

  • Eli sits in for the full episode!

  • Just what is Trompo? (Hint, it has nothing to do with politics or reality TV)

  • William incorrectly suggests the location is next to a Chevron (It is next to an Exxon)

  • A discussion of a taco plate garnish, including cucumbers and radishes

  • A teaser for an upcoming special episode

  • Wait, I thought this was a show about tacos, why are we talking about broccoli?

  • Try the Aguas Frescas

  • And more!

For more on the Taco Trail:

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