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GTWM Year 11 E08 (#1435) w/ BSE's Sam Oh

Good Times with Mo: The Podcast Year 11

Episode 8 Season 11
2h 11min
122.9 MB

It's Sam Oh birthday on BSE tonight! And we get to gift her with some pretty heavy calls to ring in her 42nd birthday! It's GTWM the Podcast Year 11 Episode 08 and for the next two hours, share in the lives with our callers and make sure to reach out to the GTWM Discord and Reddit community so you can discuss the episode, the calls, and what you would do in their situation.

Caller #1 is Z who is 27yrs old from London. Z's BF is a womanizer and she keeps going back to him. She wants to know if shes having a hard time staying away because of her dark past.

Caller #2 is Edward who is 32yrs old from Manila. Edward has cheated on his wife multiple times in the past and now she has filed annulment papers, the reality of losing his family is sinking in and he wants to make a desperate attempt to save his marriage.

Caller #3 is Bogs who is 24yrs old from Cavite. The pandemic has derailed Bogs' med school plans and like many others, have spent a lot of time at home. His girlfriend is worried that the gaming and excuses of not having a plan for the future will hurt him and their relationship.

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