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Jonnie Sea & The Multiverse of Fabulousness #1: WCW WrestleMania VI

The North-South Connection

Episode 611
1h 15min
86.4 MB

Upon the examinations of the galaxies of space, images begin to appear. Images of strange and powerful ALTERNATE EARTHS! Join Jonnie Sea on an adventure to a world where things aren’t exactly how we know them here on Earth-0 In the debut episode, Jonnie takes us to Earth-Crockett, a world where WCW is about to present WrestleMania VI to a sold out SkyDome crowd! Jonnie is tasked with putting together a card worthy of WrestleMania by using the 1990 WCW roster, but what could possibly replace The Ultimate Challenge? Is there a stand in for a 250 lbs Dusty Rhodes? Would Peacock have to edit the show on this EARTH? Join us for the MADNESS and the FABULOUSNESS! Plus, the Future of Law Enforcement is here!

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