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Let's POP Over To The West Coast

Pop Music For Smart People

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by jCasts.

In this episode I interview one of my good friends Steph Wells who is the creator of the musical project Sumif. We talk about the creation of Sumif and some of my favorite songs. We also discuss the dynamics of being a queer person in the pop music scene and the importance of normalizing queer stories in arts and music. We discuss her new album In Transit and the journey she took to create the album. I also feature Lolo Zouai a French American singer songwriter who grew up in San Francisco. I discuss some of her songs that have kept me dancing and in good spirits this past year. You are definitely gonna wanna know about this California kween and the bangers she is churning out. coming up on March 26th is my interview with Noga Erez which is the same day her album KIDS is released. I am starting a merch store as well whcih will be up and running soon so stay tuned. --- Send in a voice message: