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Bonus: lock-on Volume 1 - A Discussion on Passion

Arrggh! A Video Game Podcast from The Waffling Taylors

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled episode programming to bring you a bonus interview with the folks behind lock-on Volume 1: Jon Doyle and Jason Maddison. We'll be right back with part two of our episode on Resident Evil Apocalypse very soon, but we were excited to release this discussion as soon as it was available - which is why it's seeing a weekend release.

Jon and Jason are in the process of getting an impressive collection of content creators together. Why? Because they have a project which has the potential to be really quite amazing: lock-on Volume 1. This is going to be the first in a series of journals (hardcovers are only available for the Kickstarter backers) on gaming, by gamers.

I want your story.
- Jon

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for this project here:

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