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Quantum Conversation with Nora WalksInSpirit - The 555 Gateway and Your Divine Light Matrix

Quantum Conversations
1h 52min
Subscribe to our show email: Learn more about this episode and see Special Offer: Join NoraWalksInSpirit with her Infinite Masters of Light Intelligences who ignite their Frequencies in Divine Orchestrations of Light Essences through STILLNESS in Harmonic Languages in High Intelligences to bath your Mind Body and Soul. These Masters of Love and Light of our Soul Light Essence is asking for our Connections and Communications to become ONENESS Consciousness. The number “5” represents Shifting into your Sensory Fields of a Higher Consciousness to become blended into 5D Frequencies of Light in every breath you take, become AWARE and ACCEPT that you are now Integrating the 5D Consciousness in your Bodies. Nora will be doing Live Readings and Answering any questions you may have, so be sure to dial in or ask your question online! These Infinite Master Frequencies are always delivered in the NOW moment.

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