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The Fermented Fish Challenge, Tim Minchin & Gareth Southgate! #260

The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast
1h 36min

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Here on The Chris Moyles Show we’ve done our fair share of eating challenges...chili chocolate, chicken wings and chicken feet but there is one we haven’t dared to try...UNTIL NOW. Introducing “Surströmming”, or as it might be better known, fermented herring. This Swedish delicacy was sent in by one of our listeners so we decided to see if our resident champion eater Matt Parkes-Smith would give it a go. Ready your stomachs and get ready for one of the best challenges we’ve done with what’s been named as one of the world’s worst smelling foodstuffs. In other news, we were joined by Tim Minchin live on FaceTime to talk about his debut studio album and #MerlotMondays. Actual England manager Gareth Southgate also virtually dropped by for a chat about his latest book - Chris even asked him if he and Dom could go to the next England training session! Plus, Chris Kamara joined us for a chat about his Christmas album and the team do a round of the Lip Reading Game and Dom did his Big Slot. Get listening now! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… Dom Playing Astro Wars Intern Will’s Movie Soundtrack Game Hot Tub Thoughts Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am