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13- VolleyTalk w/ Taliqua Clancy

The VolleyTalk Podcast
13- VolleyTalk w/ Taliqua Clancy

"You gotta make your journey your own, and always be true to yourself!"

Today's guest is Taliqua Clancy, one of the best beach volleyball players ever from Australia!!! In this episode, Taliqua talks about:-

- How she HATED beach volleyball when she first started it

- How since young she always knew she wanted to be an Olympian

- Her special “sarong taboo” (this one is really funny and cool)

- What was going through her mind during the epic finals in Cancun when the ref made the wrong call TWICE

- Her training routine now leading up to the Olympics

- How she and Mariafe developed such a strong bond, and her tips to strengthen your relationship with your partner

- How she is using her platform as the first Aboriginal volleyball player to represent Australia at the Olympics to inspire other Aboriginal communities

- What she thinks her strengths are both as a person and an athlete

- and sooo much more! You definitely won't want to miss this one out! This was a really fun and interesting chat with Taliqua, and I really hope that it will impact you some way or another too.

*Please note that this is not an actual podcast with fancy equipment, so please forgive the mediocre audio quality and excessive laughing :')

NONETHELESS, I hope that you enjoy this casual chat with Taliqua, and learn a lot from her!

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