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Ep 120: Favorite Things (Right Now) Volume VI

10 Things To Tell You
Ep 120: Favorite Things (Right Now) Volume VI
1h 12min

Favorite Things! Again!

I'm sharing my current favorites: including home stuff, beauty products, travel outfits, what's helping me sleep, a new bra obsession, and what I can't stop giving as a gift. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I moved the frequency of the Favorite Things (Right Now) episodes up from every twenty episodes to every TEN. This was in direct reaction to your feedback on the listener survey, so thank you for listening, sharing, and making this show better all the time.  And remember, the Favorite Things episodes are meant to inspire YOU to share YOUR favorite things (doesn't have to be 10). Post on social media, text a friend, start a great conversation over a meal. Share your stuff. (Literally.)



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