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Ep 121: Stephen King Starter Kit

10 Things To Tell You
Ep 121: Stephen King Starter Kit

Stephen King is a genius and I believe we will one day study him in academic settings like we do other literary giants. 

(He's also my favorite author.)

I'm making a case today for why YOU should read this master storyteller. He has created some of the most iconic characters and plot lines and imagery in history, but he gets a bad rap from casual readers because his most popular work is horror. 

But horror as a genre might not be what you think it is. I believe you can handle it, or at least some of it. And I don't think readers should dismiss such an important author just because his work is deemed "scary." 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Stephen King matters
  • His brief biography
  • What stands out about his writing and his stories
  • My personal favorites
  • Where you should start


Join us in reading Carrie by Stephen King over on my private podcast SECRET STUFF where I'm hosting Stephen King Summer.

Full show notes here

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