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Episode 21: Guitarmageddon

Rock N Roll Archaeology

Episode 21 Season 1
1h 42min

The fuse was lit in 1966. Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Keith Moon came together to record a proto-metal classic. After the session an offhand quip from Keith Moon sticks with Jimmy Page. 

Then we meet The G; the imposing Peter Grant. Led Zeppelin’s fearsome tough-guy manager was a key reason why Zep dominated the rock landscape in the early 70s. 

Well away from Swinging London, in the grimy industrial town of Birmingham, Black Sabbath comes together. We’ll also take a look at one of the greatest Jam Bands ever, Deep Purple. 

Then on to probably the single saddest story in all of Rock History, the final days of Jimi Hendrix. 

Jimi towers over all of it, the late, lamented godfather of Heavy Rock--Rock that centers around the guitar and celebrates blazing virtuosity on that instrument. 

Gone but not forgotten: the Guitarmageddon explosion has reverberated way beyond the Seventies--all the way up to the present day. 

Far more than any other movement or genre within Rock music...Metal, Heavy Rock, Jam Rock, pick your’s got legs. It changes and grows, continues to reinvent itself, and it sticks around. 

Still with us, still going strong, still powered by fans.  

Voice Actors

  • Jemma Sconce as Sophia DeBoick 
  • Bryan Reesman as
  • Tony MIchaelides as Martin Power
  • Jerry Danielsen as Oxford Dictionary
  • Courtney Anderson as Gregg Tate
  • Peter Ferioli as Stephen Hyden
  • Mistress Carrie as Consequence of Sound
  • Charles Cross as Charles Cross
  • Rich Price as David Fricke
  • Dave Sloan as Jon Landau

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