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A Paranoramal & Extraterrestrial Conversation with Freyr Thor

Matters of the Heart & Soul

Episode 62 Season 2
54.5 MB

We have all heard the terms Paranormal, Aliens, and UFO's. We have heard about government disclosures in regards to it all. So what is it all about? Are we alone in the universe? Are there other Beings out there? Check out this amazing interview with Freyr Thor, native of Iceland who immigrated to the US in his early twenties. Freyr has worked in the film industry since the inception of digital media. Growing up, Freyr was surrounded by spiritual belief systems, psychic family members, and the ideas of people from other dimensions that was considered as normal as morning coffee. Be sure to check out, Freyr's platform to grow in knowledge of many matters of the unexplained. 

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