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Clayton Picks 'Twilight' - HFC Episode 33

The Heritage Film Club

Episode 29
1h 23min
154.4 MB

In this episode: We talk the 2008 sparkly vampire movie, TWILIGHT.

Turns out Clayton can't correctly pronounce any of the lead actors names, vampires like baseball, and acting or a good script may not be pre-requisites to making a (financially) successful movie. 

Courtney, Meghan, Jennifer and Brittany (aka Clayton, Mike, Jarrod and Brian) are on board to give their thoughts.

Mike also announces his pick for the next episode which will be out in 2 weeks, on December 5th.

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Hosts: Mike, Brian, Clayton and Jarrod

Intro by Mike with music by Timmoor from Pixabay

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End tag: Mike's daughter.

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