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The 1904 Olympic Marathon: History‘s Most Ridiculous Race

The History Cache Podcast

Episode 82
37.5 MB

The 1904 Olympic marathon is remembered as history’s most bizarre race. Running in tandem with the St. Louis World’s Fair, or the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, the 1904 Olympics were the first games hosted by the US. Given the disorganization, poor international turnout, and competition with the World Fair’s 20 million visitors, the 1904 games were perhaps doomed before they started. But no single event would ever compare with the absurd chaos of the marathon. From wild dogs to a professional clown on performance enhancing drugs, this race had it all.

We also delve into the history of the ancient Olympic games and explore how an ancient festival honoring Zeus became a worldwide modern event.

Come hear the unbelievable true story of the 1904 St. Louis Olympic marathon.

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