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Thanksgiving: How Capitalism Saved America From Socialism – Ep 754

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast

1h 2min
43.3 MB

2021 marks the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever. Oil companies can’t pump oil as fast as the Fed can print money. Pilgrims set sail for Communism, but landed on Capitalism. Desperate Americans look to crypto as a ticket to wealth. Bitcoin is fiat and people will lose faith in it like other fiats. Alex Mashinsky of Celsius tells desperate Americans to take out loans to buy Bitcoin. CNBC hosts an hour-long special shilling Bitcoin. Cathie Woods is bullish on Bitcoin, but expects deflation. Wherever inflation starts, it always ends up at the supermarket. Fed can’t fight inflation and bail out the housing market at the same time. Even Fed’s preferred data shows they are miles above their inflation target.

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