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How to Create Your Own NFT Collection in Minutes with Youtuber Kwebbelkop who has 15 Million Subscribers

Welcome to the Metaverse

Episode 30 Season 1
59.8 MB

On this episode of the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast, I chat to Jordi aka Kwebbelkop - a youtuber with 15 million subscribers and over 6 and a half billion views on his channel. Kwebbelkop has built a content empire, owns a video game company and has now entered the NFT and metaverse space with his new project LaunchMyNFT - a platform to help you launch your NFT collection in minutes, on your own smart contract.

Jordi was super nice, super smart and has some amazing insight into the future of the metaverse, it was brilliant to have him on. He's also built a career out of being completely internet native and so entering the new world of the metaverse is something that makes perfect sense. 

I think being able to adapt quickly to new technology when the mainstream still view it as strange or aren't yet educated on it, is a real skill and is also where the major opportunities lie. This was a fascinating chat and full of value so I hope you enjoy it!


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In this episode we talk about :

- The content empire that Kwebbelkop has created with 15 million subscribers and 6.5 billion views on his channel, putting together a team and expanding his business

- Diving into the data to see what types of content people want to see and why his videos are so successful

- The parallel's between the rise and disruption that Youtube caused to the rise and disruption that blockchain & NFTs are causing across every industry

- What first brought Jordi / Kwebbelkop into the crypto and NFT space

- Where we are in this movement and what audiences are responding to NFTs, how Gen-Z are beginning to join the wave

- How early we are in phase 1 of the metaverse and what is still to come

- The future of content and gaming in the metaverse

- An introduction to Jordi's platform LaunchMyNFT - launching on 30th November

- An explanation of what the platform does, including randomisation, smart contract creation, rarity rankings and website mint creation

- The problems that LaunchMyNFT is aiming to solve in the space

- What Jordi is most excited for in the future of this space

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