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Episode 921 - Alterac Valley Revealed!

Walk to Work - A Mobile Hearthstone Podcast

Episode 921 Season 71
16.4 MB

I talk about more of the Alterac Valley cards that have been revealed before playing Questline Shaman on the ladder. You can find the deck import link below the following contact links. 

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# 2x (0) Lightning Bloom # 1x (1) Command the Elements # 2x (1) Guidance # 2x (1) Lightning Bolt # 2x (1) Novice Zapper # 2x (1) Overdraft # 2x (1) Primordial Studies # 2x (2) Diligent Notetaker # 2x (2) Perpetual Flame # 2x (2) Wandmaker # 2x (3) Charged Call # 2x (3) Feral Spirit # 1x (3) Instructor Fireheart # 2x (3) Serpentshrine Portal # 2x (4) Canal Slogger # 2x (4) Multicaster # AAECAYncBAKczgPC9gMO27gD4cwDzc4D/tED8NQDiuQD6ucD+uwDwfYD5PYDhfoDqIEE+Z8E+p8EAA==

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