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Daily Dose #1,062: The Sting - R' Yaakov Rahimi

TorahAnytime Daily Dose

Episode 1062
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👤 By R' Yaakov Rahimi
💊 Daily Dose #1062

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💫 Thank You to the Sponsors of Today's Daily Dose:
🕯 Leilui Nishmat for
Lebish Velvul ben Yisroel Zisha
Gedalia ben Yaakov HaCohen
Moshe ben Shlomo
Hannah bas Mordechai
Josef ben Gregory/Gershon
Rikva Leah bas Yitzchok
l קלמן בן ר' אלימלך
Chana Rivka bas R' Yaakov
❤️ Shidduchim for
Chaya Raizel Yehudis bas Yocheved
Dina bas Nechama Chava
🤕 Refuah Shelema for
l צפורה זלאטא בת בלומה יהודית
Gamliel Chaim ben Bahia
Avraham Machluf ben Simcha
Yehudah bat Adele
Yisrael Yechezkel ben Miriam Sarah
Chaya Ruth bat Messoda

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