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Taanit 14 - November 26, 22 Kislev

Daf Yomi for Women - Hadran

26.0 MB

The question against Rav Yitzchak's opinion regarding an individual who says the 'aneinu' prayer adds it in the blessing of 'shomea tefilla' is resolved. Do we hold like Rav Yitzchak? Do pregnant and nursing women fast on public fasts? When it says in the Mishna that on the third set of fasts, 'matri'in' - does that mean to blow the shofar or to pray 'aneinu'? In the time of Rabbi Yehuda Nesi'a there was no rain and even after the third set of fasts there was still no rain. He instituted more fasts. Rabbi Ami disagreed with this. Would one distinguish in this regard between rains and other calamities? If so, how and why? People who need rain in times that are opposite the ones where rain is needed in Israel, how should they add the prayer for rain - in the regular place or in the middle of the blessing of 'shomea tefilla'. What did the Mishna mean exactly regarding how and when stores are opened on Thursdays? If all the fasts pass and there is still no rain, the Mishna described a number of things that people do not do such as build, plant, etc. What type of building/planting is prohibited? One should not greet another. What if someone greets you who doesn't know this law, can you respond, and if so, in what manner? Not everyone can fall on their faces in prayer and not everyone can tear their clothes. Who can and who cannot and what are the issues with these actions?

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