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The Organization Was Very Significant Of This Point Of View - #2904 By Chair House 11262021

piano ten thousand leaves project

2.8 MB

2904 Nov. 26, 2021: The organization was very significant of this point of view (this title from The Book of Tea by Tenshin Okakura)

Today's pure primal piano music here. Happy if this music makes you feel peaceful.. : )  Looking for absolute natural beauty every day for Piano Ten Thousand Leaves. Target number is 4536 and 2904(64.0%) achieved. Find my project.. : )

This piece may might have good 1/f fluctuation characteristic although I stopped investigating it each piece.


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Free Piano Score pdf of this new album:…

Track List:

01 lady in abyth 02 it's pretty good though 03 all the sails that ever went to sea 04 reiwa 05 but I couldn't take my eyes off that picture 06 and I begin to hear the words 07 loved him now even more 08 I move in dimension 09 but there are other meanings of the word 10 she pulled her long black hair behind her 11 where you from originally 12 for thirty seconds he stood there 13 he smiled at her as she fussed with the coffeepot 14 and he fell in love with her 15 touching and whispering 16 in a tether of some kind 17 no wind grass still 18 she rested beside him and looked out the window 19 in the time since she'd met him 20 all she ever said w

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