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S4E1 - Team Spirit

The Grey Rooms

Season 4
67.5 MB

PART 1: EP 1 - "All Aboard the Silver Express"
Written by Michael Zenke

Three strangers wake up on a train which they can’t remember boarding... Two more individuals reveal themselves and declare a proposal that offers many answers but elicits even more questions. The rules are simple: the trio agrees on who will get off at the next station and then choose a door...

We all know how that will go. Welcome to The Grey Rooms.

• Danyelle Ellet as Imani
• Jack Carmichael as Findley
• Jeff Clement as Zukk
• Tanja Melojevic as Kryze
• Brandon Greene as Caliban

Written by Aijalon Lawrence

After putting on a successful planetary exhibit, the responsible college club members just want to celebrate with dinner and a private showing. Another student who doesn't like playing by the rules wants to give them a show of his own. Cue the mascots...

• Michael Turrentine as Allen / Narrator
• Daniel Rosales as Mario
• Kristi Boulton as Whitney
• Justin McElroy as Darius

• Gore

All aboard The Grey Rooms Express! }:-) We've returned to the station in a shiny new engine, and we're tickled pink that you've chosen to stick around for the ride. This fourth season is offering so much new content and so many new characters as the Grey Rooms mythos expands, we're going to need a wiki just to explain all of it... So we decided to start building that as well! Get cozy in your compartments and have your tickets ready, the train is about to depart the station and we don't want you to miss out on all the deadly fun. #StayGrey

- The Grey Rooms Team


• Jason Wilson - Executive Producer, Host, Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Actor

• JM Scherf - Musical Composition, Performance

• Michael Zenke - Season Narrative, Writer, Editor

• Graham Rowat - Associate Producer, Social Media, Actor

• Cassie Pertiet - Episode Artwork, Web Design, Merch, Creative Direction

• Brooks Bigley - Social Media, Patreon, Show Notes, Behind the Door Host/Producer

• Hail Scherf - Videography Director

• N.M. Brown - Assistant Sound Engineer

• Tori Miller - Community Manager

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