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37 - UFO‘s, Future human time travellers [part 2]

UFO Thinker Podcast

Episode 41
123.7 MB

So here's my part two on the time traveller narrative. This time I delve into a bit more of the counter arguments to this theory. It is a very controversial and confusing concept in general but hopefully the information I've dug up has given you guys some interesting things to consider.

0.00 - intro

7.30 - the possibilty of disinfo/misinfo

10.00 - where is this information coming from?

12.10 - inside sources, can we trust them?

15.30 - some other viewpoints within the ufo community, UFO satan

18.10 - there is no consensus of opinion on this, even amongst sources

19.10 - John Ramirez' background and his informed viewpoint on sources

28.00 - what would be likely to happen if a source leaked info to researchers?

36.45 - how do these controversial topics affect the public's perception of the UFO topic?

38.35 - the work of Michael P Masters and future humans/ greys

44.05 - attempting to draw some conclusions for now, based on what we know at this point   twitter - @UFOthinker

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