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The Australian Daily News - November 27 (12:00 am)

The Australian Daily News

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We will not bow, Dutton warns China

Defence Minister Peter Dutton says Australia must stand up to China or face the loss of national sovereignty as a ‘tributary state’.

Risk of row over PM’s seat picks

Scott Morrison has threatened an unprecedented federal intervention to install his preferred candidates into several NSW battleground seats.

New cricket captain passes test of character

Pat Cummins took the opportunity to ask for Australians to be kinder to each other in his first public appearance as the nation’s 47th Test cricket captain.

Murder forensics refusal a ‘disgrace’

The family of murder victim Shandee Blackburn has slammed as a ‘disgrace’ Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath’s refusal to call an inquiry into the state’s forensics laboratory.

Personal insults are a poor substitute for policy

Calling the Prime Minister a liar is a hypocritical campaign tactic that could backfire on the opposition.

Covid variant ‘worrying’

Scientists have described a new variant – expected to be dubbed Nu by the World Health Organisation – as ‘very worrying’ with an ‘horrific spike profile’.

Morrison appeals to a higher order

In protecting religious freedoms, the PM must also restore Coalition unity.

AFP pushes back looters as Solomons PM stands firm

Australian Federal Police personnel dispersed looters and saved businesses from being torched in the Solomon Islands capital of Honiara on Friday.

Agencies lament ineffective asset laws

The NSW government’s asset confiscation powers have become so ineffective that law enforcement agencies say they are unable to pursue criminals for their vast sums of wealth.

Grim new search for missing campers

Police will begin searching new ground in Victoria’s high country where they believe the bodies of campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay lie.

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