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Nedelin Rocket Disaster of 1960 | Episode 25

Doomsday: History's Most Dangerous Podcast

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In space, no one can hear you scream. But on the launch pad? You can yell, scream, or bleed all you want. No one will hear you there either.

For example, on today’s episode, you will find out how rockets work, and how they don’t work. You’ll hear about people vaporized into flaming mists and others faced with a kind of toxic shock syndrome you don’t hear about in commercials

You are going to learn about one of the worst managers in history, and a whole bunch of not-to-do’s about skin care. You’ll learn a few German words for jerks who had it coming. It’s a disaster so stupendous, it changed the course of human history and no one was allowed to know about it.

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