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American Guns Control…

American Insanity

Episode 1 Season 8127
12.9 MB

U. Us. We. Them. They. Kids. Adults. Prisoners. Guards. Cops. Robber, gangsters. Marcos. Narcos. Nobody safe on this one. This raft. Floating downstream. We all fall down the water. Until we’re dust returned. Guns pointed at me? Hands up? Hands down. All hands go to heaven. Up in the air. Like we really Carr. Narcosis. Necrosis. Narconon. Never again. To feel your own skin. From inside these bones. To one day hope that God blows it up. Like he tends to do. And start over. We scared and scarred. Tilling the dirt. For new graves. Death for the holidays. Pain for those families. Guns in our hands is death all over again. What is a gun for? Not to make friends or empower humanity. to kill is a sport and guns make it easy. What is a gun for but to feel power? Alive? Fake or real. Power trips. Death calls. penalized. sentenced.

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